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5/11/11 - Professor Susan Digby is one of the editors and contributor to the Visual and Historical Geographies, Essays in Honour of Denis E. Cosgrove. Professor Cosgrove was a leading figure in contemporary cultural and historical geography. He has since passed, but his legacy lives on. Click HERE to see the cover of the book to find it at your favorite library.

2/2011 - The mystery of Kitsap's trash *- Olympic College professor researches where beach debris comes from and how to prevent it from washing ashore.


Geography is the study of place and space. Geographers ask where and why things are located on the surface of the earth. They study how and why places differ from one another and why they change. Geographers also study people's interaction with the environment.

There are two main branches of geography: human geography and physical geography. Human geography is concerned with the spatial aspects of human existence, including population, culture, and economic activities.

Physical geographers study climates, land forms, vegetation, soils, and water. Geographers are employed in many areas and currently there is a high demand for people with experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Students preparing for a career in Geography should plan to transfer to a four-year college. Students planning to major in physical geography should prepare themselves in a broad range of Natural Sciences. Students preparing to major in human geography should prepare themselves in a broad range of Social Science and Humanities. All students should consider courses in Geographic Information Systems. Students should complete the Associate in Arts Degree requirements.

Geography Full-Time Faculty

Susan Digby
Science & Tech Building, Room 215
T: 360.475.7840
E: sdigby@olympic.edu

Geography Part-Time Faculty

In addition to the full-time faculty members listed above, many other qualified professors serve on a part-time basis. Although the part-time faculty members serve as an integral aspect of our community, quarterly schedule changes preclude listing them individually. For information on how to contact a part-time faculty member, please contact the MESH Division Office at 360.475.7700. The college directory web page is HERE.

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