Prerequisites for Sciences, Engineering & Mathematics


Math instructors strictly enforce math course prerequisites. Students satisfy course prerequisites by means of an assessment taken at OC within the last two years OR an appropriate grade in the prerequisite course. Refer to the course description for details; time limits may apply to the prerequisite course. Students who took prerequisites for math courses from other colleges or who wish to place by AP or CLEP scores should submit a Prerequisite Review Request Form well before registration. Students who wish to use Accuplacer or Compass assessments from other colleges (scores must be no more than two years old) should submit scores to the OC Testing Center for placement recommendation. 


To use college courses completed elsewhere or AP or CLEP exam scores as prerequisites for Olympic College (OC) science, engineering, and math (SEM) courses, your unofficial transcripts or score report must be reviewed for appropriate prerequisites.Upon approval, a one-time placement form and an entry code are issued, allowing registration for a specific course for a specific quarter.

* Refer to the course description for details; time limits may apply to the prerequisite course. Students who have not completed a math course at the Intermediate Algebra level with a 2.0 or above from an regionally accredited college within the past six years must complete an assessment for OC math placement. Math courses below the Calculus level have a six year expiration.

  1. Go to  Registration and Records in the HSS building to obtain form and submit it to the Evaluators in the Registration and Records Office. Attach unofficial transcripts from previous college or AP or CLEP score report.
  2. NOTE: Prerequisite Clearance for the current registration period starts when the codes are available. For Spring quarter, you may submit the form after February 15.


For all current information click here --> http://www.olympic.edu/Students/GettingStarted/TestingCenter/

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