Preview or Review the Math in Emporium Classes

  • Students may transfer an existing ALEKS subscription or purchase an access code from ALEKS to enter a “Preview or Review” site at http://www.aleks.com/
  • These sites allow students to learn topics covered in Olympic College math classes, but they are not actual Olympic College classes.

Preview or Review

ALEKS "Course Code"

Math 090AUURE3-6CXRJ
Math 090BYMQC6-6YJRJ




Instructions on Entering ALEKS Sites

Details About These Sites

  • Do you want to preview or review math topics for free? Use the resources posted for each course; they are available HERE.
  • Student work in “Preview or Review” sites will help when the student enrolls in an actual math class.
  • Student work in a “Preview or Review” site may not be used to place in a math class or obtain credit.
  • Use of a “Preview or Review” site does not allow a student to use the Math Study Center. Math Study Center help is only for students enrolled in Olympic College math classes.
  • No instructor is associated with any “Preview or Review” site.

NOTE: The shortcut address for this page is www.olympic.edu/mathemporium/preview.

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