Nursing Assistant Program

Winter 2015 Program Calendar

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*Register for this module first.

*H-OCC 110. Introduction to Nursing Assistant

2 Credits = 20 hours.

H-OCC 112: Tools for success

2 Credits = 20 hours.

H-OCC 114: Fundamentals of Nursing Assistant

3 Credits = 30 hours.

H-OCC 116: Basic Technical Skills

2 Credits = 40 hours.

H-OCC 118: Nursing Assistant Practicum**

4 Credits = 80 hours.

*Courses must be taken sequentially. Each course must be completed
with a grade of 2.3 (75% ) before proceeding to the next course.

**Criminal history background check must be passed in order to take the
H-OCC 118 Nursing Assistant Practicum course. Instructions for completing the background check will be given the first day of class.

·Program 13 credits/190 hours.

·Encourage completion of all modules within one quarter.

·All modules must be completed within one year to be eligible for certification.