Training Modules

In preparation for clinical orientations, please complete the following learning
modules and submit to Certifiedbackground.com/Medical Document Manager copies
of the test score results, Write your name and date accessed on the results.

a.     NCPD #1: Infective Medical Waste

b.     NCPD #1: Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) or Compliance

c.      NCPD #1: Emergency Response Procedures

This can be done from your home computers or from the OC computer labs
(if school is in session). Please follow the instructions below.
*Pop-up blocker must be disabled*
The modules will not work on tablets (of any kind) or phones.
Also recommended is use of one of three browsers, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

1) Type, http://cpnorthwest.org

Select - Student login:

User: student

Pass: cpnw

2) Learning Modules Page will appear

3) Begin your learning modules