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Documentation FAQ

Q: What code do I use on Certified Background for my order?


Q: What code do I use on Certified Background for my order if I was recently an OC nursing student?

A: OL32RE.

Q: I was in the nursing program at OC last year. Will I be able to use any documents I had before and if so are they still on Certified Background?

A: Yes,  you should be able to use most of your documents.
They have been saved under your profile on Certified Background. At most you will have to update some items such as your TB skin test, Flu, Insurance, and if your CPR will not last until the end of fieldwork (thru June of 2014) you will need to renew it as well.

Q: I had an immunization for TB last year, what is required for me?

  1. You will need to complete a 1-step TB Skin test only.
  2. You will also need to provide proof of your TST from last year.

Q: What do I turn into CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

  1. Proof of immunity for all immunizations
  2. Background Check information
  3. CPR card
  4. Insurance (Malpractice, Liability, Health)
  5. WA RN License

Q: How do I turn my proof of immunity, CPR, RN License, and insurance to CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

A: You may upload your documents on the CertifiedBackground.com website, mail,
 IPhone App, or fax.

Upload may be PDF or JPEG

Q: What do I turn into Nursing Programs Administrative Office?

  1. Documentation Release Form with Background Check Results
  2. Confirmation of approval "to do list" printout from CertifiedBackground.com/ Medical Document Manager for documentation submitted.  

NOTE: Do NOT turn in a copy of the documents you have uploaded to
Medical Document Manager.