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Q: I had an immunization for TB last year, what is required for me?

  1. You will need to complete a 1-step TB Skin test only.
  2. You will also need to provide proof of your TST from last year.

Q: What do I turn into CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

  1. Proof of immunity for all immunizations
  2. Background Check information
  3. CPR card (American Heart Association, Healthcare Provider Level)
  4. Insurance (Malpractice, Liability, Health)

Q: How do I turn my proof of immunity, CPR, and insurance to CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

A: You may upload your documents on the CertifiedBackground.com website, iPhone App, or mail, or fax.

Upload may be PDF or JPEG (they recommend PDF for merging purposes)

Q: What is the package code for me?

A: OL32PN.

Q: How do I place my order on CertifiedBackground.com?

A: Place your package code OL32PN where it states place order.

Q: What do I turn into Nursing Programs Administrative Office?

  1. Documentation Release Form with Background Check Results
  2. Confirmation of approval from CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager regarding turned in documents via screen shot.

NOTE: Do NOT turn in a copy of the documents you have uploaded to Medical Document Manager.

Q: How do I take a screenshot?

A: There are several ways to take a screen shot depending on your computer. Visit http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screenshot-in-Microsoft-Windows for a couple ways.

Q: On the Navy Hospital agreement it says to type the name of trainee next to
signature. Is it essential that it be typed or can it simply be printed?

A: Print your name clearly.

Q: The same Navy Hospital form discusses registering my vehicle with the base.
Is that necessary at this time?

A: To be discussed during clinical orientation. You do not need to be concerned at
this time.

Q: On the DSHS background form it says not to leave any box blank, but sections 5a
and 5b, along with a signature were left blank by the entity requesting the background check (not student). Should I not worry?

A: You need to follow the instruction sheet, if it stated not to fill it out, then don’t.

Q: What is a "screen shot confirmation" from certified background?
Is it just the printed page of the confirmation screen?
A: As discussed at the meeting this is a printed page from the website showing all
items have been submitted and approved, not the confirmation of the order.

You can download the "To-Do-List Summary Report" by following the below instructions.
On Certified Background - Profile

Click Documents Center

Select My Documents

Select Tracker Name

Select and print file marked “Results_”

Example: “Results_091452654”

Updated 10/30/14