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Documentation Presentation PDF

Training Modules (updated 8/18/14)

Intent to Receive (Seasonal Flu/H1N1)

Failure to turn in complete documentation by the due date as
stated in your letter, results in forfeiture of your provisional
acceptance, and your space will be offered to another student.

Documentation FAQ

Q: I am filling out the documents for the Harrison packet and I do not have the
"Annual Competency Test" included in my packet. Where can I get a copy of this document for my documentation package?

: Harrison Medical Center will administer this test prior to beginning clinical at
their agency.

Q: I need Health Insurance what are my premium limits or requirements?

: OC does not have a limit on health care insurance, you must be able to receive
care if injured at the very least, if you choose to get sick coverage it is your choice.

Q: My Health Insurance is through my spouse so the card does not have my name on it so it was rejected. What do I do?

A: You will need a letter from the insurance company with your name on it showing that you are covered under your spouses/parents insurance.

Q: What do I turn into CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

1. Proof of immunity for all immunizations

2. Background Check information

3. CPR card

4. Insurance (Malpractice, Liability, Health)


: How do I turn my proof of immunity, CPR, and insurance to CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager?

A: You may upload your documents on the CertifiedBackground.com website,
phone app, mail, or fax.

Upload may be PDF or JPEG (JPEG is not recommended but accepted)


: What do I turn into Nursing Programs Administrative Office from Certified Background?

1. Background Check Results

2. Screen Shot from CertifiedBackground.com/Medical Document Manager regarding
approved documents

NOTE: Do NOT turn in a copy of the documents you have uploaded to
Immunization Tracker.

Q: On the Navy Hospital agreement it says to type the name of trainee next to
signature. Is it essential that it be typed or can it simply be printed?

: Print your name clearly.

Q: The same Navy Hospital form discusses registering my vehicle with the base.
Is that necessary at this time?

: To be discussed during clinical orientation. You do not need to be concerned at
this time.

Q: What is a "screen shot confirmation" from certified background? Is it just the printed page of the confirmation screen?

: As discussed at the meeting this is a printed page from the website showing all
items have been submitted and approved, not the confirmation of the order. A screen shot or to-do list summary is acceptable.

To retrieve the "to-do list" summary
1) Click the Document Center
2) Select My Documents
3) Select the tracker name
4) Select the item listed as "Results_" this will include the order number example: Results_91425658946357


: I received my documentation packet, the CPR class I registered for is scheduled
after the paperwork due date. Will I be okay?

A: No, you will need to attend an earlier class. You must turn in all of your
paperwork prior to the deadline.


: My CPR card doesn’t have Healthcare Provider on it. Do I need to take the CPR
class again?

A: Yes, you will need to renew your CPR. It must be dated in the months of June,
July, or August 2014 and must state Healthcare Provider. Adults, Children & Infants. And be from American Heart Association.


: I took a CPR class in May, will I be okay?

A: No, you will need to renew it in the months of June, July or August. Per our agreement with our clinical agencies only the 1st year of the CPR card is accepted
and must be good for the entire school year June to June.


: I haven’t completed my series of Hepatitis B vaccinations, what do I do?

A: You need to provide proof of vaccination for at least the first two of the series.

After you have received the other immunizations in the series you must provide proof of immunity with the paperwork from your doctor to CertifiedBackground.com. The series must be complete with titer by the end of fall quarter.


: I had an immunization for TB last year, what is required for me?

A: You will need to complete a 1-step TB Skin test only. You will also need to provide proof of your TST from last year.


: I had an immunization for TB in April, will I be okay?

A: No. Your immunization must be good for the entire school year June to June.
You will be required to get a one-step during June, July or August and show the immunization from April.


: Can I use last year’s flu vaccination?

A: Yes, until the next flu series is available, when it is you must be re-immunized
for 2014. You must provide a copy of the receipt from the flu vaccination