General Engineering Class Policies

The following is a list containing general class policies. Visit the specific course web sites to find course specific information (click Course Syllabi to the left). The specific policies for a course are passed out on the first meeting of a class. Thanks.

Engineering, like physics and mathematics, is a contact sport. To excel, you must get personally involved with the material and you must be assertive in seeking help during the rough spots. It is always tempting to give up when the going gets tough. Please know that I will do all I can to help you through rough spots!

  • Attendance
    It is expected that you will attend every class and join in the discussions (attendance will be taken). When it comes to assigning the final grade, instructors often give the benefit of the doubt to someone who participates and shows interest in learning. There is a lot of material to cover. It is critical that you not fall behind. If you miss a class, you are responsible to learn the material on your own.
  • Homework
    There will be a homework assignment nearly every class.
    It will be due the following class (see assignment sheet). Homework will be spot-graded and returned the next period (2 pts for correct problem solution, 1 pt for correct technique but wrong answer, 0 pts for wrong technique or no attempt). Homework must be neat and in the required format (a sample will be handed out in the first class meeting).
  • Projects
    There will be four design projects. (every class except for ENGR 100)
  • Tests
    There will be, usually, 3 exams covering certain chapters in the text. There will also be a comprehensive final exam. All exams are closed book, closed notes and will be given in class. You may use one 3" X 5" card with notes on each side for each in-class exam (8.5" X 11" sheet for the final). There will also be an average of one in-class quiz each week.
  • No make-up work
    In general, late work is not accepted. We are aware that life happens and occasionally you will miss a class, assignment or exam. Late work will be accepted on an emergency basis only. Falling behind because you are overloaded or have misplaced your priorities does not constitute an emergency. To be eligible to make up any missed work, you must talk to your instructor in advance of the due date, or you must leave a message on the instructor's voice mail, stating the reason for your absence, prior to start of class on the day you are absent.
  • Behavior
    It is expected that the focus of your classroom participation is learning engineering principles. Behavior that is disruptive to the learning process will be referred to the student conduct code as appropriate.
  • Grading
    Grades are based upon weighted averages based upon exams, projects, homework and attendance. See the Grading Policies link at the left for details.
  • Cheating
    You are expected to do your own work. Cheating on any part of the course will result in a grade of 0.0 for the course. You are encouraged to work in study groups on daily homework and projects, however, be careful that you learn the material: you must take the exams alone!