Degree Requirements

Students who wish to follow the requirements for the first two years of study as specified by a four year engineering college or university may do so at Olympic College. All engineering disciplines will earn the Associate of Science (AS) Track 2 degree from Olympic College.

The AS degree was developed for engineering majors who plan on transferring to a four year institution to complete the remaining two years of the Bachelor of Science degree required to practice as an engineer in industry. Contact an engineering faculty advisor listed below to develop your degree program.

The General Requirements for all Degrees shown below must be met for the AS degree. In addition, a plan of study signed by an advisor and the name of the four-year college or university of choice must be submitted to the Dean of Enrollment Services, located on the first floor of the College Service Center, prior to the completion of 70 credits of 100, or above, numbered courses at Olympic College. Changes in the plan may not be made without approval of the Dean of Enrollment Services/Registrar. Receiving an AAS degree from Olympic College may not necessarily grant junior status at the four-year institution. Receiving an AAS degree from Olympic College does generally make for ease of acceptance at the four-year institutions in Washington State due to a Direct Transfer Agreement between Olympic College and each of the four-year Washington schools.

General Requirements for all Degrees

  • Minimum of 90 quarter credits numbered 100 and above.
  • Successful completion of English 101
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better at Olympic College
  • Twenty quarter credits applied toward the degree must have been earned at Olympic College, including the last ten (10) credits.
  • If more than 85 credits are earned at Olympic College, the graduation requirements may be competed at another accredited institution.

Students may graduate under requirements set forth in any catalog issued during their attendance at Olympic College; however, no catalog will be valid for a period longer than eight (8) years. Contact the current Olympic College catalog for more details or talk to one of the faculty advisors listed below.