Washington State University Mechanical Engineering at Olympic College Bremerton

Class of 2014 - Congratulations! 

Back Row from left: Alex Su, Ted Gerhard, Greg Rivers, Scott Clark, Crisanto DeGuzman, Chris Eudaily, James Clark, Justin Craven, Ryan Duff. Middle Row from left: Dr. Marvin Pitts, Daniel Eubele, Michael Stojack, Ryan Clark, Lisa Luong, Chris Allbee, Melissa Helwig, Dr. Jeff Brown. Front Row from left: Jessica Carlson, Cody Rogers, Kathryn Apsens, Ashton Alexander, Dr. Behrang Asgharian, Dr. Goker Tuncol.

Washington State University (WSU) is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Olympic College- Bremerton. The program is a partnership between WSU and OC to offer the last two years of a four year Mechanical Engineering degree in Bremerton.  

FALL WSU/OC 2014-15 Schedule.  The Bachelor of Science degree is available to students who have completed the Associate of Science degree at their local community college and are eligible for certification into the BSME program. Students who have started in a traditional four-year program are also eligible to enroll in this program to complete the last two years of their degree. For more information on the WSUME.OCB program, please visit http://www.mme.wsu.edu/wsuMEocb/.   The WSU BSME degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET Inc., 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012, telephone: (410) 347-7700. On our ABET site you may read about our program evaluation and accreditation process. ABET accreditation has been extended to include this program. 



  • 8/25/14 - 12/19/14 WSU Fall Semester
  • 9/22/14 - 12/11/14 OC Fall Quarter


Dr. Marvin Pitts, Professor &
Program Coordinator
WSUME at OC Bremerton
Science & Tech. Bldg. Room 110
T: 360-475-7543
E: pitts@wsu.edu
Tyler Strom, Academic Coordinator
Materials & Mechanical Engineering
WSU Pullman Campus
T: 509-335-7386
E: tyler.strom@wsu.edu

Karen Osborn, Program Assistant
WSUME at OC Bremerton
Science & Tech Bldg. Room 103
T: 360-475-6830
E: karen.osborn@wsu.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Brown -Science & Tech. Bldg. 113
Dr. Behrang Asgharian - WSU/OC Engineering Lab 102

Class of 2013

Back Row from left: Dr. Goker Tuncol, Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Kyle Yeats, Justin Laughery, Brandon Heinemann, Bryan Briggs, Danny Cornutt, Jeremy Frey, Guest Arch McCleskey, Paul Peterson, Dr. Marvin Pitts. Front Row from left: Carin Douglass, Harold Kennedy, Dustin White, Beau Maben, Guest Todd Rosenfelt, Giovanni Juarez-Ortiz, John Inman, Marc Derenburger Not pictured: Students Barrett Makreky and Brian Edwards. 

Inaugural Class of 2012

Back Row From Left: Sarah Thon, Dr. Jeff Brown, Caroline Meeks, Kevin Alexander, Alex Malone, Kyle Pease, Braden Copple, Mike Bannerman, Yevgeniy Govorushkin, Trinitie Vance, Mike Mason, Dr. Marvin Pitts. Front Row from Left: Colin Kreiger and James Davis. Not Pictured: Isaac Burbank and Tim Erickson.

Rev.:  August 13, 2014 Karen Osborn