Electronics student at work


Craig Seybold

Technical 115-A

(360) 475-6814 or

1.800.259.6718 Ext. 6814
eseybold@olympic.edu or 

The Electronics program at Olympic College provides two years of training designed to prepare a student for entrance into this field of industry.

Students planning to complete a program in electronics should check with their faculty advisor before registering for classes.

Olympic College Electronics Program Expansion

Online classes
Short certificates

Looking for a new career?  Many Electronics graduates have little trouble finding employment in our local area.  Looking for a family wage job?  Earn as much as $25 per hour working in the Electronics industry.  There are many different jobs you can do with Electronics training, such as Electronics Installer and Repair, Electronics Technician or Electronics Mechanic.

For more information, contact Electronics Program Advisor Rebecca Evenhus (contact information listed at the start of this page)