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Apprentice Education
1600 Chester Ave, Tec 103
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M - F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

To apply for Apprentice/Helper positions:


  • Since 1901 the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has relied heavily upon an apprentice program to satisfy its need for skilled trades personnel and shop supervisors.
  • Current Apprentice enrollment is 762 with another 228 enrolled in the Helper Program.
  • Of 10,000+ Shipyard personnel, over 2,500 are graduates from this program.

Program Description:

  • The apprenticeship program involves 4 years of intensive training in one of 28 skilled trades of interest to the shipyard.
  • The first 3 years are equally divided between skill training and taking college classes, which leads to an Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree as an Industrial Trades Technician.
  • After successful completion of the ATA, emphasis shifts from academics to specific skill training, leading toward the apprentice achieving journey level certifications through the Department of Labor.
  • Upon completion, candidates are traditionally offered career employment status in the Shipyard as a journey level employee with full benefits.


  • The Department of the Navy fully funds student tuition for employed Apprentices at PSNS and IMF.
  • Apprentices are paid on a federal wage grade (WG) scale basis, initially as WG-1, step 1 at $15.11 per hour. Wages increase with promotions about every 6 months. Graduates achieve from a WG-9 to a WG-11 status at the end of their fourth year ($26.40 to $27.32/hr range).


  • This is a strong, vibrant and rigorous program, one that is intended to provide living wage jobs to area residents.
  • It serves as a college-industry model partnership.
  • Graduation and completion rates are currently upwards of 83% and moving higher.
  • This is the largest federal apprenticeship program in Washington State and one of the largest in the Nation.

In addition to the program offered at PSNS, Olympic College supports apprenticeship programs in Electronics for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport.

Updated October 21, 2013