To avoid violations of FERPA rules, do not:

  • Use any part of the student identification (SID) or social security number (SSN) in a public posting of grades.

  • Link the name of a student with an SID or SSN in any public manner.

  • Leave graded tests in a stack for students to pick up by sorting through the papers of other students in the class.

  • Circulate a printed class list with student name, SID, SSN or grades as an attendance roster.

  • Discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student (including parents) without the written consent of the student.

  • Provide anyone with a list of students enrolled in your classes for any commercial or legal purpose.

  • Provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone in finding a student on campus. Refer inquiries to Campus Safety, the Registration Office or the local campus main office.


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