In order for Olympic College Faculty and Staff members to become familiar with the new Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, we are starting an Office 2007 check-out program effective May 18, 2007. All full time and part time employees plus faculty and adjunct faculty (not RSE or work study) will be eligible to check-out Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 CDs to install on their home PCs.

The software can be checked-out from the Help Desk.  Check-out times are from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday-Friday. Please bring a photo ID, preferably your OC ID card, (or driver’s license) with you.  Since the product key will be unique to you alone, you keep the software in your possession (in a safe location) until you are no longer employed with OC.

A check-out sheet will be provided for you to read, initial and sign at the time you pick up the software. The form provides the terms and conditions of the check-out plan. Please read it before signing.

Applications included in the MS Office Enterprise 2007:

  • Access 2007
  • Communicator 2007
  • Excel 2007
  • Groove 2007
  • InfoPath 2007
  • Outlook 2007
  • OneNote 2007
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • Publisher 2007
  • Word 2007

Minimum Home Computer System Requirements:

Processor (Min):

500 MHz

Memory (Min):

256 MB

Hard Disk Space:

1.5 GB

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows(R) XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server(R) 2003 with SP1, or later operating system.

Campus Agreement 3.4: Work at Home Acceptance Form

This acceptance form is valid for the Microsoft software products checked below, which shall be referred to collectively herein as the “Software”. Software is made available to you because OLYMPIC COLLEGE has purchased license coverage for the Software through its Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment effective 07/01/2006 through 06/30/2009. OLYMPIC COLLEGE is ordering the right for you to use the Software for Work-related purposes at home under its Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment. You are not licensed to use the Software at home for personal purposes. You do not own the license or the CDs, rather you are authorized to use the Software and associated media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement. You will be required to remove the Software from your home machine immediately upon expiration of the licensed period or earlier if your employment at OLYMPIC COLLEGE ends.

Work At Home rights have been extended by OLYMPIC COLLEGE for the following product(s):

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

1) I will read and abide by the license agreement(s) associated with this Software.

2) I understand that no technical support is provided by Microsoft in association with my work-at-home use.

3) I understand the minimum specifications to run the Software are listed at


4) I will remove the Software from my home machine immediately upon the earlier of (a)

Expiration of the licensed period specified above or (b) the end of my employment by


5) I understand that I am not licensed to use the Software for personal purposes.