Human Resource Services

Personnel Forms & Records 

Without the following forms, there will be no record of employment or payroll account generated:

  • Personnel Action Form (PAF): The PAF is the responsibility of the supervisor and must be completed and sent to Human Resource Services to be processed. The form must be signed by the budget administrator.
  • Olympic College Application: An Olympic College application must be completed and on file. This application provides the general information needed for data entry to generate reports and other pertinent information. Online application is required. 
  • Federal & State Reporting Form: This is required by law to report the composition of our employment force to the government.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9: This federally mandated form was developed to verify that persons are eligible to work in the United States. Everyone must complete a form and appropriate copies of ID must be on file before the employee starts working. If not received within 3 days of employment, the law states that the employee must be terminated.
  • W-4 Form: W-4 forms are filled out at time of hire and forwarded to payroll for income tax and proper deductions purposes.

The Human Resource Services Office keeps an active file on each part-time employee. Applications are also kept on file for a period of three years when applying for a position. If a position becomes available within that year of application (also while working in a part-time position) the applicants will be notified by mail.

Employment & Termination

Employment is temporary and can be terminated at any time by the supervisor. Employment will also end if at any point you will reach 1050 hours within twelve months of the anniversary date. Classified positions are either permanent or temporary. Temporary positions are usually part-time (less than 40 hours a week), but may be full time for a short period. In either case, temporary positions are paid by time card. When an employee is hired as a temporary worker, the Personnel Action Form will state the start and stop date of employment. Supervisors have the option to put a specific end date or a maximum end date of June 30, 2020, on temporary, non-student, positions. Permanent employees working less than 100% are sometimes referred to as part-time permanent or cyclic employees; not to be confused with part-time temporary (also referred to as part-time hourly). When an employee is no longer working, a termination notice and resignation letter should be sent to the Human Resource Office to remove the employee from the system. This will allow for accurate monthly reports and statistics.

Grievance Procedure

If there is a problem related to employment, employees should first talk with their supervisor. If the problem can't be resolved with the supervisor, talk with the Human Resource Director for further assistance.

Job Search

Part-time hourly employees are usually hired directly through the department. There is not an open competitive process through the Human Resource Services Office. When interested in working in any department, inquire within that department. It is possible to work in more than one department at one time as long as employment does not exceed the 1050 rule. Part-time hourly employees can hold student jobs as long as the employee is enrolled 1/2 time or more at Olympic College. The employee may work as a student and a part-time hourly simultaneously as long as the hours of both jobs do not exceed 1050 hours.


Laws & Policies

Lunch & Breaks

By law, all workers are entitled to a ten (10) minute break for every four (4) hour shift. After five (5) hours of work employees are entitled to at least thirty (30) minutes for a lunch break. At Olympic College, within an eight (8) hour work day; employees are entitled to two (2) - fifteen (15) minutes breaks and a thirty (30) to sixty (60) minute lunch break. Schedules and times are worked out and determined by the supervisor within each department. Employees are paid for their two (2) 15 minute breaks, but not for their lunch break.