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How do I fill a position?

To fill a new or vacant position, the hiring authority or supervisor must complete a Position Requisition Form (PRF) and submit to Human Resource Services. A PRF must be completed for all position types - Administrative/Exempt, Faculty, Classified, Adjunct and Part-time Hourly. The most current Position Requisition Form can be found on the Human Resource website at http://www.olympic.edu/StaffFaculty/HumanResources/HRForms.htm. Please have all signatures filled out through your chain before submitting to HR. All full-time PRFs will be presented at cabinet for final approval.

For questions regarding hiring, please email jobs@olympic.edu.

The most current Hiring Procedures can be found on the Human Resource website at:

OC Home > Staff & Faculty > Human Resources > Hiring Procedures http://www.olympic.edu/StaffFaculty/HumanResources/Hiring+Procedures.htm

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