Student Learning & Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

Olympic College’s Mission:

We serve and enrich all our communities by providing quality education and training for all who seek to improve their lives through learning.

How do we define “quality education” and how do we know that we are providing it and that our students are learning what we provide? To fulfill our mission Olympic College is committed to ongoing assessment in a number of areas that have specific and interrelated purposes:

  • To improve student academic achievement
  • To improve teaching strategies
  • To document best practices
  • To identify opportunities for systemic improvements
  • To provide evidence for institutional effectiveness

Assessment is a means of providing relevant, clear, and timely feedback to students and other stakeholders. Olympic College’s assessment initiatives and processes include:

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Core Abilities

Faculty Institutes


Strategic Planning

Instructional Policies Council

Instructional Program Planning

Updated 10/11/12