Faculty Institutes

Core Abilities Institutes take place twice per year in December and April. Each Institute lasts for 2 days and is held on non-contractual days. Participants receive a stipend and are provided with lunch and beverages on both days. Approximately 30 faculty, both full and part-time, from all four divisions equally (Business & Technology; Nursing; Social Sciences & Humanities; and Math, Engineering, Sciences, & Health) participate in the Institutes.

In December the Institute is a rating institute whereby faculty submit student work and the work is rated for evidence of mastery of Core Abilities. Students give permission for their work to be used as samples, and all identifying information pertaining to student and instructor are removed. Faculty work in teams of three of four to evaluate the samples. Samples of student work (between 4 and 6 examples) are collected by faculty and submitted along with a cover sheet and a copy of the assignment to the two Core Abilities Institutes Coordinators throughout the quarter. An exit survey is provided to all participants at the Institute in order to refine and improve the rating process and participants' experiences at future Institutes. A report evaluating the data collected is generated and distributed to all Faculty and other stakeholders on campus at the beginning of the following quarter. As well, feedback is provided to individual faculty who submitted the samples, informing them of how the student samples they submitted were rated by their colleagues.

In June the Institute is a curriculum development institute whereby faculty create or revise assignments that evaluate students' mastery of the Core Abilities. As well as working on individual projects, discipline-wide projects are encouraged. For the group projects, a group of faculty in the same discipline work together to ensure that Core Abilities are being implemented evenly in both course content and in assessment tools across the discipline. Aside from faculty-led curriculum development, the Core Abilities Institute Coordinators organize a presentation on a topic of interest that closely relates to the curriculum development projects that the faculty are working on. Ideas for these presentations often derive from feedback and suggestions provided by faculty on the exit survey collected at the Winter Institute in the previous December.

Pre-Institute Workshop:

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Core Abilities Summary Reports:

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