Facilities Services Administration

Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday
7:00am - 4:00pm


The Facilities Services Administration Office includes the facilities administrative and support staff. It provides program support and acts as the main contact source for the other four subdivisions located within Facilities Services.


Staff & Responsibilities


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Bill Wilkie
Director of Facilities Services

Facilities Services Building, Room 208 (FSB #208)
P: (360) 475-7835

F: (360) 475-7809


As the Administrator in charge of Facilities Services, Bill Wilkie is also responsible for capital planning and capital project supervision.


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Randy Geiger
Building & Grounds Supervisor 
Facilities Services Building, Room 206 (FSB #206)
P: (360) 475-7812
F: (360) 475-7809

Randy is responsible for the overall Supervision of  the Maintenance, Grounds and Custodial Departments.


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Ken Blankenship
Capital Projects Coordinator 
Facilities Services Building, Room 214 (FSB #214)
P: (360) 475-7814
F: (360) 475-7809


Ken is responsible for capital project planning, implementation, and supervision.   



 Photo Pending    Jeanine Paluck
Program Support Supervisor 2
Facilities Services Building, Room 205 (FSB #205)
P: (360) 475-7816 or (360) 475-7800
F: (360) 475-7809

Jeanine is responsible for the day to day operations of the Campus Operations Center and dispatching of Security personnel.