SAT Test Dates

Take the SAT close to home at Olympic College Poulsbo!

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Register at:
* Registration does not occur through Olympic College.

Note:  When registering, use Test Center Number 48-420 to select our site.

For Poulsbo SAT administration, all students must first check-in on the first floor at the main entrance.  Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m. Testing begins by 8:30 a.m. The Standard test runs 5 hours; the Non-standard test runs 6 hours. Students who complete testing are required to leave the building while other students are testing, and parents are encouraged to wait off campus. 

                         **PLEASE NOTE CHANGES**
**Students MUST have current photo ID and SAT registration ticket or they will not be admitted to a testing room.
**Registration tickets MUST HAVE PHOTO as of March 2013 or student will not be admitted.
**Changes to test site, test date, or test type are no longer allowed on test day; standby testing is no longer allowed.
**ALL CHANGES MUST NOW BE DONE ONLINE AT: www.collegeboard.org.
**All waitlisted students must bring their waitlist letter from the SAT website to be admitted. 
**ALL INFORMATION MUST MATCH on photo ID, registration ticket, and SAT roster or student WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO TEST..
                                  **NO EXCEPTIONS**



SAT testing for 2013-2014:
   October 5, 2013
   November 2, 2013
   December 7, 2013
   January 25, 2014
   March 8, 2014
   May 3, 2014
   June 7, 2014