Live Our Values

The Live Our Values campaign is dedicated to helping all members of our college community live and learn in a fruitful, nurturing environment.  This will take everyone's help.
Remember, how we interact with each other models how our students will interact with the world.

How can you help?

When you see someone who is not living up to the expectations of the OC Values, politely let them know that this is not how we express our values.

You may use the catch phrase:
"Live our Values"

1. A Dedication to Public Service and Higher Education
To demonstrate our values we…

  1. Commit ourselves to student learning and success
  2. Embrace the wide-ranging mission of the community college
  3. Meet or exceed professional standards of practice and ethics
  4. Champion the principles of academic freedom and intellectual honesty
  5. Foster innovation, creativity, and flexibility in our efforts to offer exemplary education and service
  6. Regularly evaluate our practice and make changes to better support those who are underserved

2. A Commitment to Life-long Learning
To demonstrate our values we…

  1. Assess our work rigorously and reflectively to improve our knowledge
  2. Improve our practices and behaviors as we learn better ways of working
  3. Take thoughtful risks to acquire new perspectives and skills
  4. Create a learning environment in which each learner is welcomed, encouraged and supported

3. The Practice of Civil and Constructive Discourse and Respect for Diversity

To demonstrate our values we…

  1. Exemplify civility as a hallmark of our institution
  2. Appreciate and listen to one another with respect for our differences
  3. Acknowledge that our own cultural conditioning influences our perceptions of other people
  4. Are open-minded problem solvers who manage conflicts proactively and effectively

4. A Quest for Community and Environmental Health
To demonstrate our values we…

  1. Contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of our community
  2. Serve as stewards of our environment
  3. Study and model choices and practices that enhance environmental health, economic vitality, and social justice

5. The Thoughtful Use of Our Finite Resources, including Ourselves
To demonstrate our values we…

  1. Empower employees to assert leadership and engage in institutional decision making
  2. Develop, prioritize and communicate our goals collaboratively
  3. Identify, share, and make the most effective use of our resources
  4. Work together to accomplish our tasks and achieve the college mission
  5. Strive for a balanced work environment in which we are efficient and competent, but also kind and friendly