Latest Parking Information & Alerts 

Updated 06/10/2013

Summer Open Parking:  Summer Open Parking officially begins this year on July 1st and continues through, and including, August 31st.  During this time all vehicles parking on Olympic College property still need to have some type of valid parking credential.  If you do not have a parking sticker, placard or pass please contact Campus Safety to obtain one for use during Summer Open Parking.  For clarification, please review Olympic College Policy 200-16 or contact Campus Safety at 475-7800.  You will need your vehicle credentials as listed below to obtain your Summer Open Parking pass.

What do I need to bring to Campus Safety to obtain my new parking pass?  In order for Campus Safety to provide you a new student parking sticker you need to bring your driver's license, proof of valid vehicle registration and proof of paid tuition.  With these documents, the Campus Safety staff can assist you with your new parking sticker. See Student Parking Rules and Regulations for more information.

Traffic Revision and Additional Parking coming soon!  Traffic revision to Broadway will result in additional parking.  Additional parking will soon be added to Broadway.  Parametrix, the contractor used to evaluate traffic flow and parking matters, will be finalizing their recommendations to Olympic College Facilities Operations Director Bill Wilkie soon.  Once those recommendations are final and approved, we will contract to have these new back in angle parking spaces added in designated areas along Broadway.  At this time, it is not known exactly how many spaces will be added.  Check back for updates.

Carpool/Van pool , Handicap , and Fire Lane violations are enforced 365 days a year, 24 hours a day per State Law! Check out the Parking Home Page to find out how to register for Carpool/Van Pool decals.

Note: A parking citation appeal may be filed within (5) five business days after the citation issue date. The appeal process has shifted to an online process.  Please click here to complete the online appeal process:  Appeal My Parking Citation