Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning's website

During the 2013 - 2014 academic year the CTL will be focusing on three key themes:

Collaboration, Innovation, and Support


Each of these themes will be reflected in the year's projects:


Collaboration: Olympic College has been awarded three $5,000 grants from the State Board for three separate Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs). Even though the title suggests otherwise, these FLCs are open to anyone interested in improving teaching, learning, and student success. For detailed info on the 2013/14 FLCs click here.


Innovation: It not news to learn that technology is playing a larger role in higher education. In the past year, here at OC we've been migrating our course content into Canvas, our new online learning management system. Last year eLearning and a crew of faculty worked hard to present workshops assisting faculty and staff as they moved their content over and redesigned their courses. This year the CTL and eLearning will continue to support faculty as they develop their online curriculum. Specifically, we have highlighted some workshops that speak to course design and innovative teaching strategies.  For more info on these workshops, please click here. 

Additionally, the CTL has put a call out for ideas that speak to the Canvas Innovation Grants being offered through Instructure. The purpose of these grants is to support innovation and help people turn their ideas into reality. We're excited to see what ideas we collect and have organized a campus-wide contest to spotlight the strongest ideas.  For more information click here. 


Support: The most common request that has been received by the CTL is to increase the access to campus resources and information, specifically for adjuncts. Luckily, a group of faculty and staff have begun working on developing an online resource and training hub in which employees will be able to learn about the responsibilities of each department on campus and may even complete some of their training and orientation online. This project will take some time to complete, but if you have ideas or suggestions for how best to orientate new and continuing employees, please contact the CTL to share your ideas!


Also, this year we have two fabulous faculty mentors that have helped to support the Center and offer a variety of workshops for faculty and staff. Read about their topics, workshops, and experience being a faculty mentor here.


Additionally, there have been a number of requests to increase opportunities for more informal and social opportunities in which people can network and develop more connections on campus. As we know too well, we tend to work in silos - isolating ourselves to our particular discipline/department and mainly communicating over email. This year the CTL will work to provide opportunities in which people can come together and actually put a face to a name and help build a supportive and respectful community on campus. Keep an eye out for informal lunch events, happy hours, and drop-in hours at the CTL!


Have questions or comments? Email the Center for Teaching & Learning!