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This year, the CTL will be offering month-long online workshops covering a range of topics (see below). These workshops allow participants to access the materials from home and on their own schedule. Readings, resources, and assignments for reflection will be a large component. Participants will exchange ideas and feedback with one another and will be invited to come together for discussion and reflection. 

Additionally, the CTL provides support through a Faculty in Residence program. Throughout the year, a few faculty are selected to showcase their skills and talents in order to help other develop best practices in instruction and student support. 

This year, I would like to welcome Angela Dorsey (Advising Faculty) and Christie Fierro (Communications Faculty) to the Center. Beginning in Oct, Christie will be educating and inspiring us all with talks on Open Education Resources and Open Pedagogy. During Winter, Angela will be working with faculty to identify and develop student support workshops, webinars, and video tutorials.

Upcoming Events & Workshops


Surviving at OC: 

This workshop is a self-paced workshop, introducing new adjunct faculty to the “must know” information to survive your first week of teaching at Olympic College. Topics include: classroom technology, important syllabus statements, and where to go for help. 

To enroll follow this link: https://olympic.instructure.com/enroll/AHY6M7



Open Education Resources (OER):

This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of OER and teach participants how to find and credit open course content and resources that they incorporate into their classes. 

Enrollment link coming soon! 


Accessibility in Online Learning: 

In this workshop you will learn to make your online courses accessible to students with disabilities. This workshop will provide you will the skills to create accessible content and lessons to benefit all students, including those with disabilities. 

Enrollment link coming soon!


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