Emergency Call Box Locations

The Emergency Call Boxes are located throughout campus in order to provide assistance to students, staff and faculty during an emergency, or even during "off" hours. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use these phones to contact Security for building access after hours.

These Emergency Call Boxes are only capable of reaching the Campus Safety Office! They will not connect you to an outside line.  You can reach Campus Safety staff by using a call box or by dialing (360)475-7800.     

To operate an emergency call box:
Just push  and release the button.  This will trigger an automated audible response to security that announces your call box campus and location.  Someone from Campus Safety will respond asking how they may assist you. At this time you will need to push the button to talk to the Security Officer/Guard and then release the button to listen to their response.  This operates like a two way radio or "walkie-talkie" in that you must push and hold to talk, and release to listen.  Only one side of the conversation can be transmitting at one time.


Bremerton Campus Locations:

  • FSB (Facility Services Building main entrance on east side)
  • S-4 lot (Main Student Parking Lot across from the flagpoles)
  • S-1 lot (South end of Art building)
  • S-2 lot (Remote parking lot located at Lincoln and 11th)
  • Childcare  (inside the fenced play area)
  • Clocktower
  • Theater (north side)
  • BSC (Bremer Student Center main entrance on west side)
  • G-1 lot (new general parking lot west side)
  • G-1 lot (new general parking lot south end)

Poulsbo Campus Locations:

  • Lower parking lot (west end away from the building)
  • Lower parking lot (east end toward the building)
  • Upper parking lot (faculty/staff and drop off circle area)
  • Outside Safety and Security office (lower west building entrance)

Shelton Campus Locations:

  • Student Palmer Center (outside Room 107)
  • Breezeway across from Child Care entrance