Board of Directors

Established in 1993, the Olympic College Foundation is the official gift-receiving agency for Olympic College.  The Foundation seeks philanthropic gifts for student scholarships, program enhancements, capital projects, as well as cultural events and activities that benefit the College community.  By securing contributions to the College, the Foundation provides that extra measure of support that contributes to excellence at Olympic College.

The Olympic College Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed and existing under the laws of the State of Washington (Chapter 24.03 RCW), exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  As a voluntary agency, community volunteers are elected as directors of the corporation for limited terms and have mission and fiduciary responsibility to legal authorities and contributors.  Each member brings to the Board a unique combination of experiences, skills, and perspectives that assist the Foundation in meeting its goal of enhancing the educational environment and enriching the learning community of Olympic College.

Executive Committee

President                                                   Monica Blackwood
Vice President/President Elect            Kimberly Punt
Vice President                                          Timothy Drury
Secretary                                                   Dr. David Mitchell  
Treasurer                                                   Diana Smeland
Member At Large                                     Jim Sund
Immediate Past President                     Monica Hunsaker

Board Members

Barb Brenner
Sheila Collins
Ginny Duff
Mark Hughes

Cindy Lucarelli

Lori Maxim

Rita Mitchell

The Olympic College Foundation is currently seeking applicants for the Board of Directors!

As Directors of the Olympic College Foundation, individuals demonstrate a commitment to the support and advancement of Olympic College, its students and staff.  Such a commitment requires time, energy, skills and financial support of the member.  For information on the commitment required of Board Members or to request an application packet, please contact demmons@olympic.edu or call (360) 475-7120.